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Advanced Energy Materials

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Near Term Objectives

  • Materials genome project - Develop rapid synthesis techniques for accelerated discovery of electrocatalysts and battery materials. Initiate a materials database for accelerated materials discovery using informatics driven modeling & combinatorial synthesis methods for semiconductors and electrocatalysts.

  • Materials - New III-V alloy semiconductors and complex metal oxide alloys

  • Processes - Scalable production of nanowire based materials; large single crystal growth, rapid synthesis of complex oxides

  • Establish in-situ microscopy and spectroscopy tools for fundamental studies on understanding of interface stability & durability in functional energy devices.



Mid Term Objectives

  • Materials genome project - Discover number of semiconductors and electrocatalysts made using earth abundant elements; test algorithms for prediction of structure-functionality behavior.

  • Materials - Demonstrate performance of new III-V alloys and complex oxides in functional solar conversion devices and catalytic reactors.

  • Processes: large area growth of bulk III-V nitrides and III-V on Si substrate; scale up production of complex oxides

  • Demonstrate plasma catalysis concept with ammonia production

  • In-situ studies including visualization and quantifications on durability estimation.



Long Term Objectives

  • Materials genome project – Database and complete set of analytics

  • Establish durability of materials and interfaces within energy/power devices.

  • Complete translation of several concepts to commercial space

  • Scale up and demonstrate plasma catalysis based reactors

  • Develop and translate fundamental understanding on durability.



Mahendra Sunkara, PhD
Theme Leader, Advanced Energy Materials
Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
University of Louisville
The Phoenix House

216 Eastern Parkway

Louisville, KY 40292

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