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Near Term Objectives

  • Recruit industrial partners for implementing test beds for smart manufacturing and process intensification institutes.

  • Identify workforce training and educational activity for NNMI

  • Submit proposals for at least one test bed activity with one of our industrial partners.

  • Recruit an engineer with manufacturing industry experience to lead this theme.


Mid Term Objectives

  • Demonstrate 30% energy efficiency for at least one energy intensive process, such as torrefaction or drying operations.

  • Develop and submit proposals for new test beds.


Long Term Objectives

  • Achieve 50% energy efficiency for two energy intensive processes within the Louisville region.

Implement one process intensification testbed and demonstrate an over 50% process improvement and 30% energy efficiency.



Hank Paxton, PhD
Acting Theme Leader for Energy Efficiency
Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
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