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Near Term Objectives

  • Recruit industrial partners for implementing test beds for smart manufacturing and process intensification institutes.

  • Identify workforce training and educational activity for NNMI

  • Submit proposals for at least one test bed activity with one of our industrial partners.

  • Recruit an engineer with manufacturing industry experience to lead this theme.


Mid Term Objectives

  • Demonstrate 30% energy efficiency for at least one energy intensive process, such as torrefaction or drying operations.

  • Develop and submit proposals for new test beds.


Long Term Objectives

  • Achieve 50% energy efficiency for two energy intensive processes within the Louisville region.

Implement one process intensification testbed and demonstrate an over 50% process improvement and 30% energy efficiency.



W. Mark McGinley, PhD, PE
Theme Leader for Energy Efficiency, Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research

Professor and Endowed Chair for Infrastructure Research, Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

Office : 502-852-4068

FAX: 502-852-8851

Email Dr. McGinley

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