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Materials Characterization

To address grand energy and environmental challenges, significant advances in the material science are required. This includes the development of novel materials with unique, highly enhanced properties, which can be achieved through the rational material design based on exploration and uncovering of material structure-property and property-performance relationships. The efficient fabrication of such materials with desired structures, properties and performance requires that the processing-structure relationships are also well explored and understood. Moreover, the efficient use of materials in specific applications and technologies can only be realized by revealing and forming an in-depth understanding, often at atomic or nanoscale, of the mechanisms that are involved in technologically important processes. Finally, not only is efficiency of energy materials a key factor, but also their durability needs to be considered for determining their potential technological applications.


Materials Characterization efforts at the Conn Center are focused on building this infrastructure and expertise in two parallel tracks. First, advanced experimental techniques, including in-situ methods, are being developed to study materials synthesis and processing as well as fundamental mechanisms associated with energy conversion and storage, including structure evolution and degradation. With this study, there is an emphasis on phenomena occurring at surfaces and interfaces. Second, combinatorial methods of synthesis, processing, and measurements, which allow for rapid screening through large sets of new, previously untested chemistries, are another priority.



Jacek Jasinski, PhD
Theme Leader for Materials Characterization
Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Lutz Hall Room 010
502-852-6338 ph
502-852-2535 fx
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