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MET Service Center Facilities

The Conn Center's expertise and instrumentation can be accessed through the Materials & Energy Technology (MET) Service Center. Technical services include (a) fabrication and test facilities for various energy conversion and storage devices such as biomass to biofuels, proton exchange membrane fuel cells, dye, organic and thin film solar cells, and lithium ion batteries, and (b) a comprehensive array of equipment for characterizing both inorganic and soft materials using a variety of microscopy, spectroscopy and diffraction tools and femtosecond transient spectroscopy facilities.


The Service Center's array of equipment and capabilities are arranged by theme.

Advanced Energy Materials
Biomass & Biofuels
Device Fabrication & Characterization
Device Fabrication & Characterization II
Energy Storage
Materials Characterization
Power Electronics
Solar Fuels 
Solar Manufacturing
Ultrafast Spectroscopy



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