MET Service Center:

User Training


MET Basic Training Series

The MET Service Center offers user basic training for instruments to give an overview of proper set up, operation, and shut down procedures.​ Each step-by-step video is intended to reduce in-person training time, serve as an easy reference, and aid in research effectiveness. 

  • BET - Brunauer - Emmett - Teller Surface Analysis

  • DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  • EBSD SEM - Electron Backscatter Diffraction with Scanning Electron Microscope

  • FEG SEM - Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope

  • FTIR - Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscopy

  • PSA - Particle Size Analysis & Zeta Potential Measurements

  • Raman PL - Raman & Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

  • SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope

  • SEM - EDS - Scanning Electron Microscope - Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy

  • TPR - Chemisorption: Temperature-Programmed Reduction

  • XPS - X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

  • XRD - X-Ray Diffractometer


TIP: Do you need to re-watch a specific procedure? The Conn Center's YouTube channel has a timed index for each video by section. 

Please contact the facility's Research Manager, Dr. Jacek Jasinski at 502/852-6338 with any questions or concerns.