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Core & Associated Faculty

The Conn Center facilitates the exchange of expertise and interest for Kentucky institutions and industries focused on renewable energy and energy conservation to develop clean, reliable, affordable energy sources that improve our energy security, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and provide economic prosperity. The Center partners with core faculty at the University of Louisville and associated faculty at the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, Northern Kentucky University, and Kentucky State University to address our research themes. Find out more below about these outstanding researchers.

University of Louisville
University of Kentucky
  • Rodney Andrews - Professor, Chemical Engineering; Director, Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER)

  • John Anthony - Hubbard Professor of Chemistry

  • Joe Chappell - Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences

  • Yang-Tse Cheng - Professor, Materials Engineering

  • Don Colliver - Professor, Controlled Environment Systems

  • Mark Crocker - Associate Director, Biofuels & Environmental Catalysts; Senior Scientist, CAER

  • Czarena Crofcheck - Associate Professor, Food & Bioprocess Engineering

  • Seth Debolt - Assistant Professor, Horticulture

  • Uschi Graham - Scientist, Clean Fuels & Chemicals, CAER

  • Eric Grulke - Professor, Chemical Engineering; Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies; Director, Electron Microscope Center

  • David Hildebrand - Professor, Plant Biochemistry & Genetics

  • Bruce Hinds - Associate Professor & William Bryan Professor, Materials Engineering

  • Gerald Huffman - Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering

  • Barbara Knutson - Professor, Chemical Engineering

  • Steve Lipka - Associate Director, Electrochemical Power Sources, CAER

  • Mark Meier - Professor, Chemistry

  • Pinar Menguc - Engineering Alumni Association Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Madhu Menon - Associate Professor, Physics

  • Luke Moe - Assistant Professor, Environmental Genomics & Biochemistry

  • Michael Montross - Associate Professor, Food & Bioprocess Engineering

  • Sue Nokes - Professor, Food & Bioprocess Engineering

  • Steve Rankin - Associate Professor and a Gill Professor, Chemical Engineering

  • Scott Shearer - Professor and Department Chair, Machine Systems Automation Engineering

  • Vijay Singh - Earl Parker Robinson Chair in Engineering Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Director, Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering

  • Ray Smith - Extension Professor, Plant & Soil Sciences

  • Darrell Taulbee - Scientist, Power Generation & Utility Fuels, CAER

  • Ling Yuan - Associate Professor, Plant & Soil Sciences

  • Xuguo "Joe" Zhou - Assisstant Professor, Insect Integrative Genomics

Eastern Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University
  • Blaine Ferrell - Professor, Biology; Dean, Ogden College of Science & Engineering

  • Sanju Gupta, - Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University
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