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Core & Associated Faculty

The Conn Center facilitates the exchange of expertise and interest for Kentucky institutions and industries focused on renewable energy and energy conservation to develop clean, reliable, affordable energy sources that improve our energy security, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and provide economic prosperity. The center partners with faculty at the University of Louisville to address our research themes. Find out more below about these outstanding researchers.


Sarah Emery, PhD

Paul Himes, PhD

Mark Running, PhD

David Schultz, PhD


Chemical Engineering

Delaina Amos, PhD

Eric Berson, PhD

Xiao-An “Sean” Fu, PhD

Gautam Gupta, PhD

Noppadon Sathitsuksanoah, PhD

Mahendra Sunkara, PhD

Thomas Starr, PhD

Gerold Willing, PhD



Richard Baldwin, PhD

Robert Buchanan, PhD

Craig Grapperhaus, PhD

Jinjun Liu, PhD

Farshid Ramezanipour, PhD

Andrew Wilson, PhD

Francis Zamborini, PhD


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Omid Ghasemi-Fare, PhD

W. Mark McGinley, PhD, PE

Thomas Rockaway, PhD

Zhihui Sun, PhD


Computer Science & Engineering

Adel Elmaghraby, PhD


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Aly Farag, PhD

Cindy Harnett, PhD

Michael McIntyre, PhD

Shamus McNamara, PhD

Kevin Walsh, PhD


Industrial Engineering

Lihui Bai, PhD

Li Yang, PhD


Mechanical Engineering

Sundar Atre, PhD

Thomas Berfield, PhD

Bikram Bhatia, PhD

Kunal Kate, PhD

Yongsheng Lian, PhD

Badri Narayanan, PhD

Sam Park, PhD

Glen Prater, PhD

Hui Wang, PhD


Physics & Astronomy

Chakram Jayanthi, PhD

Sergio Mendes, PhD

Gamini Sumanasekera, PhD

Ming Yu, PhD

Acknowledgement of retired faculty who provided valuable contributions

Suraj Alexander, PhD, Industrial Engineering (2009-2020)

Bruce Alphenaar, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2009-2020)

Margaret Carriero, PhD, Biology (2015-2017)

Robert Cohn, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2009-2016)

James Graham, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2009-2014)

M. Keith Sharp, PhD, Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2009-2019)

Past members

Chris Burns, PhD, Chemistry (2011-2017)

Moises Carreon, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2009-2011)

Somnath Datta, PhD, Bioinformatics, (2011-2014)

Timothy Dowling, PhD, Physics & Astronomy (2015-2018)

Mark French, PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2009-2021)

Hichem Frigui, PhD, Computer Science & Engineering, (2014-2020)

Gerald Hammond, PhD, Chemistry (2009-2019)

Sachin Handa, PhD, Chemistry (2017-2023)

Keng Hsu, PhD, Mechanical Engineering (2019-2023)

John Naber, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2009-2020)

Mike Nantz, PhD, Chemistry (2013-2018, 2020)

Olfa Nasraoui, PhD, Computer Science & Engineering (2013-2021)

Humberto Rodriguez Gutierrez, PhD, Physics & Astronomy (2013-2014)

Heather Rypkema, PhD, Chemistry (2009-2010)

Brent Stucker, PhD, Industrial Engineering (2009-2016)

Michael Tseng, PhD, Medicine (2012-2020)

Richard Wittebort, PhD, Chemistry (2012-2013)

Natalie Christian, PhD, Biology (2021)

Yanyu Chen, PhD, Mechanical Engineering (2021)

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