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MET Service Center Facilities:

Solar Fuels

Electrochemical Potentiostat Characterization

3 BioLogic potentiostats (two SP-200, one SP-150), 12 V compliance, up to 5 electrodes


  • CV - cyclic voltammetry

  • JV - current vs. voltage behavior

  • EIS - electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Catalyst Characterization

Pine Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE) with ChangeDisk tips


  • RDE electrochemical characterization for thin films without mass transport limitations

Photovoltaic/Photoelectrochemical Performance Characterization

Newport 300 W arc lamp, AM 1.5 filter, IR filter, specialized PEC cells and electrodes


  • Illuminated JV behavior

  • Efficiency determination, both solid-state cells and PEC cells


Custom-built system of computer controlled monochromator, lock-in amplifiers, etc.


  • IPCE - incident photon-to-current efficiency

  • solid-state or PEC in 3-electrode electrochemistry

Hydrocarbon Gas Product Analysis

SRI Gas Chromatograph with columns and detectors for lightweight gases and hydrocarbons


  • GC - gas chromatograph for product determination of water splitting and CO2 reduction


Hiden Analytical Mass Spec with custom thin layer electrochemical cell


  • DEMS - electrochemical characterization with product analysis in real time vs. applied bias

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