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The Energy Storage R&D Lab at the Conn Center is able to assist researchers in implementing designs, materials, and processes into scalable manufacturing platforms with demonstration devices. The Battery Manufacturing facility at Conn Center allows for fabrication of both coin cells and pouch cells.


The facilities include a mixer for preparing the electrode slurry material, a semi-automatic coating machine, an apparatus for slitting the electrodes, an electrode winding machine, several glove boxes which provides the moisture- and oxygen-free environment required by the electrolyte, an electrolyte filling machine and a crimper for sealing the battery once it is filled, and specific equipment for battery testing includes environmental chambers and several Arbin battery testing stations.

Nanomaterials for energy storage are made by a variety of methods, including chemical vapor deposition, solvo-plasma and sol-gel method, high temperature synthesis, templating approach, and self-assembly. Material characterizations are performed using state of the art techniques.

Facility is equipped with a number of unique, custom-made apparatuses for electrochemical characterization, measurements, and tests and high temperatures and pressures. The lab also hosts a range of instrumental facilities for conducting conventional electrochemical measurements. The unique techniques developed by our staff scientists combined with the state-of-the-art facilities allow us to lead sophisticated research in hot technological areas, attracting sponsors and collaborators from the government, universities, and private industries. Researchers have a high level of expertise in electrochemistry, interfacial processes, fuel cell technologies, corrosion, electrochemical kinetics, transport processes, chemical thermodynamics, and other fundamental areas of science. We also have all necessary capabilities for fabrication, complete electrochemical characterization, and performance tests for both PEM fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells.

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