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MET Service Center Facilities:

Device Fabrication & Characterization

Atomic Layer Deposition System

Cabridge Nanotech S100 Atomic layer deposition (ALD) system. Capable of depositing on substrates up to 100mm in diameter, at a maximum substrate temperate of 400oC.  This technique allows growth of thin films with atomic layer precision. It is a self-limiting process so each cycle produces exactly a monolayer with a maximum of 1.1Å of Al2O3 depending on the temperature. This process can also be used for deposition of Titania and platinum


Monolayer deposition of:

  • Titania

  • alumina

  • platinum 

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Metrohm PGSTAT 204 potentiostat/galvanostat with FRA32M modual for EIS measurements. Utilized to characterize coatings, batteries, fuel cells, and corrosion phenomenal. Can also be used for investigating mechanisms in electrodeposition, electrodissolution, passivity and corrosion studies, diffusion of ions across membranes, study of semi-conductor interfaces and biosensors.


  • Potentiostatic and galvanostatic impedance measurements over a wide frequency range of 10 µHz to 32 MHz

  • Frequency resolution 0.003%

  • Input range: 10V

  • Signal types: 1sine, 5 sine, 15 sine

  • AC amplitude: 0.2mV to 0.35mV rms in potentiostatic mode

  • Data presentation: Nyquist, Bode, Admittance, Dielectric, Mott-Schottk, among others

Intensity‑modulated photocurrent spectroscopy (IMPS)/ Intensity‑modulated photovoltage spectroscopy (IMVS)

Metrohm PGSTAT 204 potentiostat/galvanostat with FRA32M module and Autolab LED Driver Kit. Together, these pieces of equipment are used to characterize photoelectrochemical response. Rather than modulating the frequency of a voltage or current signal as in EIS, IMPS and IMVS modulate the intensity of a light beam directed on a sample



  • IMPS/IMVS characterization at incident light wavelengths of 470nm, 505nm, and 627nm

  • Characterization of photoelectrochemical devices such as dye synthesized solar cells

  • Electron transport/recombination characterization

  • Diffusion coefficient/length calculation

Optical Microscopy

Zeiss Axio Imager.A2m Microscope equipped with Axiocam ERc-5s for acquiring megapixel color images


  • 10x, 50x and 100x lenses

  • Brightfield, darkfield, and polarization images

  • Topographic mapping

Precision Ion Mill/Polishing System

Fischione instruments model 1010 LAMP Ion mill. Polisher utilizes either dimpling dimple grinding or diamond lapping. Ion mill bombards the surface of a specimen with a beam of argon ions, resulting in material removal without introducing subsurface damage or artifacts


  • Production of 3mm specimens for TEM characterization

  • Surface polishing

  • Nondamaging material removal

Solar Fuels Testing

Newport Xenon lamp equipped with a AM 1.5 filter + Metrohm PGSTAT 204 + Neofox kit probe


  • Measure current-voltage characteristics of photoelectrodes under simulated light conditions.

  • Potentiometry

  • Measure photoabsorber spectral response

  • In situ oxygen detection

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer Lambda 950


  • Operating Range of 175-3300 nm

  • Capable of measuring liquid and solid samples

  • Can measure absorption, transmittance and reflectance

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