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MET Service Center Facilities:

Device Fabrication & Characterization II

Nitrogen Glove Box

Dual LC-1 Stand Alone Gloveboxes with load lock in between and touchscreen interface


  • Oxygen is removed using a copper catalyst

  • Residual moisture is removed by a molecular sieve which is protected from solvents by activated carbon filters inside the glove box and the filter column.

  • Maintained at under 10 ppm oxygen and 100 ppm moisture, although typically these values are at less than 3 ppm and less than 50 ppm respectively.

  • Two stirring hot plates to heat and mix solutions or samples

  • A weighing balance

  • Spin coater that uses vacuum to prevent the sample from leaving the spinning chuck and can be adjusted from 500 rpm to 7000 rpm. It also has the capability to add adjustable ramp speeds and programs to use multiple spin rates in series.

Thermal Evaporator

Custom Trovato Thermoevaporator


  • Achieves a vacuum environment using a separate mechanical pump and turbo pump to obtain pressures less than 2*10-6 torr

  • 2 power sources with a maximum current of 150 A for evaporation boats to be used in dual deposition, and 8 total boat clamps to separate deposition materials.

  • Adjustable ramp up settings and control over deposition rate and amount of material deposited by using a PI controller

  • Includes a rotating evaporation target to achieve a uniform deposition and avoid shadows

  • multiple masks available  to apply different patterns on substrates

  • vacuum source for easy hookup to small desiccators

Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor

Customized MOCVD reactor for the deposition of III-V semiconductor. Equipped with rotational stage that can be heated to temperatures in excess of 1000oC. Currently configured with gallium, magnesium, and silane sources with space available for indium and aluminum. Capable of computer control for quantum wells


  • Epitaxial growth of GaN on wafers up to 6” in diameter

  • Capable of growing various other III-V semiconductors including InGaN and AlGaN, among others

  • N-type doping via silane

  • P-type doping via Cp2Mg

  • Quantum wells

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