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MET Service Center Facilities:

Power Electronics

Keithley 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture

Provides connections for testing packaged high power devices at up to 3000V or 100A.


  • This allows devices with two terminals (diodes) or three terminals (transistors) to be characterized safely and accurately.

Keithley 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer

Modular, fully integrated parameter analyzer that performs electrical characterization of materials, semiconductor devices and processes


  • Performs current versus voltage (I-V) measurements.

  • Performs capacitance versus voltage (C-V), capacitance versus time (C-t), and capacitance versus frequency (C-f) measurements from 1kHz–10MHz.

  • Performs very low frequency C-V measurements from 10mHz–10Hz.

  • Performs quasi-static C-V measurements.

  • Performs ultra-fast I-V measurements that are synchronized

Micromanipulator Probe Station

Four-point Probe station


  • For measuring sheet resistance, I-V curves, C-V curves and device performance.

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